Untitled (puke performance)

Kerlin Gallery, Dublin

05 Dec01 Feb 2015

Untitled (puke performance) sees Sam Keogh pretending to vomit in the middle of a dense crowd. Over the course of roughly 10mins, descriptions of the physiological effects of vomiting are punctuated by a wide range of tangential information, mock retching, angry diatribes and singing. In front of him is a prop - a patch of fake vomit with a series of small images embedded in its surface. As he moves between kneeling on all fours and standing upright it becomes clear that this prop is being read, used as a mnemonic device to aid in the correct recitation of the memorised script.

Inside the gallery other 'puke patches' appear, often too close to other works. A series of posters displaying the images embedded in the puke patch tumble down the wall of the gallery stairway and out onto the street where the performance took place.

Shown as part of Deep one Perfect Morning in Kerlin Gallery with Caroline Achaintre, Aleana Egan, Mark Francis, Liam Gillick, Isabel Nolan and Jan Pleitner.