Plague Doctor

Centre Pompidou, Paris

17 Nov28 Nov 2019

'Plague Doctor' was a site specific performance commissioned as part of 'Cosmopolis 2' in the Pompidou Centre curated by Kathryn Weir with associate curator Ilaria Conti.

The work was a densely clustered root system which hung overhead, made from a combination of organic and inorganic materials which was unfurled during a performance. Here, histories of the Parisian catacombs were woven through a story about a visit to the Louvre and descriptions of the border security infrastructure surrounding the mouth of the Eurotunnel in Calais.

Cosmopolis #2: rethinking the human was curated by Kathryn Weir with associate Cosmopolis curator Ilaria Conti and in collaboration with associate curators Charléne Dinhut and Zhang Hanlu.

Invited artists: Julieta Aranda / Adrián Balseca / Adriana Bustos / Cao Minghao and Chen Jianjun / Carolina Caycedo / Chang En-Man / Benvenuto Chavajay Ixtetelá / Emo de Medeiros / Valentina Desideri and Denise Ferreira da Silva / Denise Ferreira da Silva and Arjuna Neuman / Fernando García-Dory - INLAND / Clarisse Hahn / Hao Jingban / He Xiangyu / Sky Hopinka / Karrabing Film Collective / Sam Keogh / Francois Knoetze / Nandita Kumar / Lin Chi-Wei / Liu Chuang / Taus Makhacheva / Sandra Monterroso / Fangas Nayaw / Claudia Peña Salinas / Qiu Zhijie / Lisa Reihana / Tabita Rezaire / Buhlebezwe Siwani / Yasmin Smith / Dimitar Solakov and Nedko Solakov / Simón Vega / Walking Grass Agriculture / Tricky Walsh / Munem Wasif / Yu Guo