The Douglas Hyde, Dublin

22 May22 Jul 2015

'Four Fold' was an exhibition of installation, sculpture, collage, performance and video. An image of the the 'Old Croghan Man' bog body was reproduced at a large scale on the Gallery floor. During a performance on the opening night, the folds of leathery skin were lifted and propped up by sculptures, casts and found objects to reveal collages of a multitude of images from a broad range of sources: André Masson’s Acéphale illustration depicting a headless monster, functioning as a parodic diagram of the ideas of the Surrealist philosopher Georges Bataille; Krang, the villain from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is an anthropomorphic brain housed in the torso of a human-shaped exo-suit; the cryogenically-frozen body of John Spartan from the film, Demolition Man; and a snapshot of the artist’s mother, apparently perturbed by a ‘virtual autopsy display’ of a mummy in the British Museum.